The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

Duncan's shaman, Aubrey Marcus, returns to tell us of his most recent journey to the ayahuasca realm!

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Timothy Showalter from Strand Of Oaks joins the DTFH and injects us with a sweet blast of pure unfiltered love.  Also a special announcement regarding the Christ Simulator. 

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Author and mystic Graham Hancock (Fingerprints Of The Gods, War God) returns to the DTFH and talks with Duncan about psychedelics, gnosticism, and the global awakening.

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Jack Kornfield (A Path With Heart) returns to the DTFH.  This podcast was recorded thanks to, a brand new podcast network devoted to consciousness and heart wisdom.  


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Comedian Nick Youssef joins the DTFH to discuss not putting off happiness and his new album!

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The great Joe Rogan returns to the DTFH!

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The great taoist philosopher Danielle Bolleli returns to the DTFH.

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David Silver and Raghu Markus from the Mindrolling Podcast join the DTFH to help Duncan understand what the Guru is.

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Comedian Jack Carol (Britain's got talent, ministry of curious stuff)  joins the DTFH!

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Johnny Pemberton returns to the DTFH and Duncan sends out the call for the creation of a virtual reality christ simulator.

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