The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

Duncan drives to San Francisco to chat with Aaron Frank from Singularity University @ NASA.

Singularity University



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The legendary spiritual teacher Maja D'Aoust joins the DTFH to talk about witchcraft and esotericism. 

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Raghu Markus ( and and Saraswati Markus (nourishing life) join the DTFH to talk about authenticity, the mind body connection, and being in the now.


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Tim Ferris (4 Hour Body and 4 Hour workweek) joins the DTFH and gives us some high-tech life tips for heating up the hot tub of our lives by cooling down our actual bath tubs.  

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The host and star of the Kroll show NICK KROLL joins the DTFH to talk about comedy, spirituality, and the final season of the Kroll show.

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World renowned Visionary artists  Allyson and Alex Grey ( join the DTFH and talk about temple building, art, psychedelics and much much more. This is a barn burner, pals.  #cosmicooze

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Genius artist Martin Witfooth joins the DTFH to talk about art and nature.

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World famous musician, spiritual teacher, and Kiertan Wallah, Krishna Das joins the DTFH.

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Buddhist teacher and author Sharon Salzberg teaches Duncan about anger, compassion, and starting over.  A great listen if you're someone who gets down on themselves for not keeping a consistent practice. 

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