The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
A weekly electronic salon style super show.

Author and mystic Graham Hancock (Fingerprints Of The Gods, War God) returns to the DTFH and talks with Duncan about psychedelics, gnosticism, and the global awakening.

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Jack Kornfield (A Path With Heart) returns to the DTFH.  This podcast was recorded thanks to, a brand new podcast network devoted to consciousness and heart wisdom.  


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Comedian Nick Youssef joins the DTFH to discuss not putting off happiness and his new album!

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The great Joe Rogan returns to the DTFH!

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The great taoist philosopher Danielle Bolleli returns to the DTFH.

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David Silver and Raghu Markus from the Mindrolling Podcast join the DTFH to help Duncan understand what the Guru is.

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Comedian Jack Carol (Britain's got talent, ministry of curious stuff)  joins the DTFH!

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Johnny Pemberton returns to the DTFH and Duncan sends out the call for the creation of a virtual reality christ simulator.

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Lucien Greaves from the Satanic Temple joins the DTFH to talk about satanism, baphomet, and the many things the Satanic Temple is up to these days.

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Photographer Michael Donovan joins the DTFH to discuss beauty!

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